Overcoming Barriers in Music Education

von: Kassidy-Rose McMahon

GRIN Verlag , 2018

ISBN: 9783668748880 , 7 Seiten

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Overcoming Barriers in Music Education


Essay from the year 2018 in the subject Musicology, grade: High Distinction, Griffith University (Queensland Conservatorium of Music), course: Digital Music and Culture (3712QCM), language: English, abstract: The incorporation of technology in the music education industry has historically been met with hesitation due to the various challenges it presents and perceived ramifications. Mercer (2009) advises, 'A cautious, but open mind and a careful plan will result in the gradual integration of educationally sound technology into your learning environment'. This essay carefully examines selected technologies, their design, function, advantages, and limitations. In addition to this, the essay discusses the potential of each technology to tackle a current barrier preventing equal access to music education. The chosen technologies include group piano instruction (financial hardship), synchronous online piano teaching (distance), sensorimotor piano system (disability), Virtual Reality Exposure Training (psychological disorder), and Band-in- a-Box (higher education opportunities). This paper will ultimately prove existing barriers to music education can be overcome with the exploitation of contemporary technologies.

Kassidy-Rose McMahon is an up and coming composer, from rural Charters Towers in North Queensland. She embarked on her musical journey at age 12, when she discovered her underlying aptitude for piano. Her growing passion for music led to her to study music theory under her high school music teacher at Charters Towers State High School. This inspired a love for composing and arranging music. Aside from piano, Kassidy-Rose adopted a range of new instruments throughout high school including mallet percussion, drumkit, flute, saxophone, and bass guitar. Since commencing employment at Wellers Hill State School in 2017 as the piano accompanist for three string orchestras, she was transformed into an avid violist. This growth is credited greatly to the strings teacher of Wellers Hill State School, Miss Josephine Price. In 2017, Kassidy-Rose undertook a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University, as a classical piano performance major. Throughout her tertiary studies, she worked closely with the choir of Holland Park State High School under the direction of Miss Jacqueline Duckworth and Music Extension students taught by Mr Raymond Cosgrove. She also volunteered her time to helping out with the Wind Ensemble rehearsals at Mount Gravatt State High School, led by Mr Matthew Fellows. Kassidy-Rose aspires to work in the music education industry and plans to delve into the world of music research in the near future. She attributes her success to her mother, friends, conservatorium staff, and teachers who she has received tremendous support from throughout her career.