The Mark of Genuine Christianity - True Salvation

The Mark of Genuine Christianity - True Salvation

von: Oluwatosin Macaulay

The Preacher's Pen and Letters, 2018

ISBN: 6610000076185 , 24 Seiten

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The Mark of Genuine Christianity - True Salvation


Not every professing Christian is genuinely saved or is a true believer. The sermons of many preachers are not speaking Biblical Truth but mere human opinions.
Jesus told us to beware of false prophets who are wolves disguised in sheep clothing. He also taught that we are sent out into the world as sheep among wolves.

The enemy will come to you disguised as anything but himself. He does so to take advantage of the believers and lead them away from the True Faith into death and gloom. A sensible Christian would be able to differentiate true sheep from wolves in sheep clothing

This manual will teach you how to identify God's true sheep on earth and it will also confirm your own personal salvation to you. It is based strictly on the wisdom of the scriptures alone to make you wise and shrewd as God desires you become