SwiftUI for Absolute Beginners - Program Controls and Views for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps

von: Jayant Varma

Apress, 2019

ISBN: 9781484255162 , 183 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Mac OSX,Windows PC Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's

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SwiftUI for Absolute Beginners - Program Controls and Views for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps


Dive into the world of developing for all of Apple platforms with SwiftUI, Apple's new framework that makes writing applications faster and easier with fewer lines of code. This book teaches the basics of SwiftUI to help you write amazing native applications using XCode.

For developers already familiar with ReactNative, this book reviews the declarative, state-based DSL that manages the UI and updates it automatically will feel just like what they're used to. You'll see how SwiftUI reduces the number of lines of code required to achieve the same effects by over 60% and provides a much better experience. 

Like the announcement of Swift in 2014, SwiftUI is expected to fundamentally change the way developing programmers approach coding iPhone and iPad applications. This book examines how SwiftUI lowers the entry barrier for developers to write amazing cross-platform applications for iOS and iPadOS as well as WatchOS, Mac OS, and TVOS. 

What You'll Learn
  • Write code in the new SwiftUI syntax
  • Combine views to arrange them for an application
  • Add gestures and controls to an application
Who This Book Is For

Anyone who wants to learn to develop apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch using the Swift programming language. No previous programming experience is necessary.

Jayant Varma is the founder of OZ Apps (www.oz-apps.com), a consulting and development company providing IT solutions with specialization in mobile technology. He is an experienced developer with more than 25 years of industry experience spread across several countries. He is the author of a number of books on iOS development, including Learn Lua for iOS Game Development, Xcode 6 Essentials, and More iPhone Development with Objective-C. He has also been a university lecturer in Australia where he currently resides. He loves traveling and finds Europe to be his favorite destination.