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von: Antonina Zaykova

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2019

ISBN: 9783967246254 , 50 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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The most common attitude towards special children is fear, misunderstanding, rejection, and therefore the desire to reject all communication with them. But the book of correctional teacher Antonina Zaykova, who has been working with special children for several years, destroys all stereotypes. A reality in which there is no place for whining pity, but there is a place for empathy and active participation, because a sick child cannot be spared, it must be developed, taught, socialized. And it seems that he will no longer speak, and will not be able to hold a spoon and will not understand the difference between one and a lot and will never learn to hold a pencil ... But love for children works wonders and inspires hope. These are stories written in the genre of essays about the everyday life of a correctional school, about how and what special children learn. About courageous and very patient people - educators, defectologists for whom serving people and their beloved business is not just words, but basic life principles. About selfless parents who prove every day that scary diagnoses are just children who have the right to a full life. This book is about the fact that we are all all 'special' About a very rare and important skill: to hear, see, accept another as he is. About the special GIFT of LOVE, which is so lacking in the modern world. The author is infinitely grateful to the publisher for showing interest in such an uncomfortable topic. The story of each child in the book 'Notes of the correctional teacher' is interesting and instructive, everyone will find in it something for themselves. Stories can be read and downloaded in epub, fb2, pdf format. They are addressed to a wide circle of readers and written so that the difficult to understand topic 'special child' will become interesting not only to those who raise such a child and work with him, but also to people who have never encountered such children.