The Criminal Trial. The Case of Crown Vs Savage

von: James M Corbett

GRIN Verlag , 2018

ISBN: 9783668722354 , 24 Seiten

Format: PDF

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The Criminal Trial. The Case of Crown Vs Savage


Academic Paper from the year 2012 in the subject Law - Criminal process, Criminology, Law Enforcement, grade: 2.2, City University London (The City Law School), course: LLM Criminal Litigation, language: English, abstract: The Criminal law is one of the most flexible and diverse areas within the legal profession. This is a trial book, which focuses on a charge of assault under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. This case was about an assault, which took place outside a restaurant in convent garden. This was exacerbated when the complainant, his brother and two women all travelled back home after having a night out. After they had finished their night out they all made their way home in a taxi. They needed to pass the restaurant in order to make it home safely. The taxi pulled up across the road from the restaurant and when they arrived they noticed three Asian men standing outside. They all got out of the car, the brother and one of the girls got out the left side and both the complainant and the other girl got out the left on the right. The brother then paid the driver, there were cars passing and both the complainant and the other girl crossed the road making their way over to Royals. The girl stumbled and fell to the pavement so the complaint helped her up. The defendant went over to the complaint and started on him. The complainant asked the defendant to stay away so the defendant then went back into the restaurant. Shortly after this he re-emerged out of the restaurant and attacked the complainant from behind, with an object known to be coins, wrapped in a white cloth, causing three wounds in the back of his head.

Biography Name and credentials: James Michael Corbett, LLB, PGC, GFTD, GCILEx Previous degrees: Professional Graduate Fast Track Diploma in Legal Practice (GFTD), University of Westminster, 2017 PGC Postgraduate Certificate in Criminal Litigation, The City Law School, 2012 LLB Bachelor of Laws (Degree), London South Bank University, 2011 Area of specialism: Crime and litigation Experience: James has recently completed a Professional Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GFTD) which is equivalent to the LPC (Legal Practice Course). He is a member of the (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) CILEx and has attained Graduate membership of the institution. He first became interested in law and politics from an early age and after talking to a local solicitor at a School careers fair he came away more determined than ever to pursue his interest in Law. James pursued his academic studies in Law at London South Bank University and in his second year handled a mock case which gave him experience of interviewing clients and assisting them with legal problems, such as claims in damages for personal injury. In his final year he wrote a law project based on the defense of provocation. He gained a detailed understanding of Law and legal analysis from his degree. He then went on to attend the City Law School where he specialised in criminal litigation and has acquired practical knowledge and experience of the criminal justice system. During his time at Law school he developed a clear understanding of the Criminal sector as well as an awareness of future developments in this field. He participated in trial observations and acquired practical experience and an in depth awareness of the criminal bar. He attended a trial at the local Crown Court where he was particularly intrigued by the interplay between the judge and the advocates. James has combined academic study with part time paid employment and has practiced as a professional McKenzie Friend and has experience in handling clients and assisting those who are unrepresented in court. He keeps up to date with business and legal issues by reading the Financial Times, law magazine, journals, including The Lawyer and Legal Week. Professional membership: GCILEx professional at the Chartered Institute of legal Executives (CILEx) 2015 - Present Future ambitions: James's long term ambition is to pursue a Doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy) and become a doctor of Law with an emphasis into teaching Law.