Special Dynamic

Special Dynamic

von: Alexander Fullerton

Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd, 2015

ISBN: 9781910859902

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Special Dynamic


The Spetsnaz have secretly infiltrated deep beyond the NATO borders in Norway in the second book in the SBS TrilogyFormer SBS Captain Ollie Lyle is assigned to a civilian expedition into Norwegian Lapland, where a nationalist movement's actions have seemingly escalated into terrorism and murder. As Lyle and his team penetrate further into the icy interior, they discover the terrible truth behind the killings: a vicious Russian undercover operation serving as a prelude to a full-scale invasion.What began as a peaceful, fact-finding mission becomes a deadly struggle against two implacable enemies: the brutal, highly-trained Soviet guerrilla force, and the pitiless Arctic winter. Hampered by his inexperienced companions, Lyle must draw on all his combat and survival skills to stand any chance of coming out alive...Praise for Alexander Fullerton'His action passages are superb, and he never puts a period foot wrong' Observer'You don't read a novel by Alexander Fullerton. You live it' South Wales Echo'The most meticulously researched war novels that I have ever read' Len DeightonAlexander Fullerton was a bestselling author of British naval fiction, whose writing career spanned over fifty years. He served with distinction as gunnery and torpedo officer of HM Submarine Seadog during World War Two. He was a fluent Russian speaker, and after the war served in Germany as the Royal Navy liaison with the Red Army.His first novel, Surface!, was written on the backs of old cargo manifests. It sold over 500,000 copies and needed five reprints in six weeks. Fullerton is perhaps best known though for his nine-volume Nicholas Everard series, which was translated into many languages, winning him fans all round the world. His fiftieth novel, Submariner, was published in 2008, the year of his death.